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Remedy’s Story

In the winter of 2005 an emaciated chestnut stallion landed in a local boarding stable. Little was known about how he ended up in this condition though rumors had stirred that he had been given to his current owner after being found abandoned in a field following his original owner’s death. Fellow boarders and on lookers could only assume that this stallions fate was about to change for the better. With the proper care and nutrition that he so obviously needed he would soon be a healthy, vibrant animal again. This however, was not the case at all.

Things went from bad to worse as Remedy’s new owner quickly lost interest in him. The care being provided by the stable owner was only minimal, not nearly sufficient for an animal in this condition. So, there he sat, abandoned again. Remedy spent months in his stall with no turnout, no stall cleaning and no veterinarian care. His condition had not improved at all and his owner was nowhere in sight.

With no one concerned about the depleted condition of this stallion or the fact that there were mushrooms growing in his stall atop the mounds of manure and urine. That’s when two fellow boarders decided that they had seen enough. This animal had been suffering way too long at the hands of his human caretakers. With their decision to step forward and take charge, things were about to change.

The Rescue

Remedy’s rescuers, now two founding board of directors for Healing Acres, began by cleaning out his stall, giving him a dry, clean environment with fresh bedding where he could rest peacefully. They provided him with clean fresh water, extra feed and most of all they provided him with hope. However, the hard part had yet to come.

In order to truly become Remedy’s rescuers they had to somehow convince his current owner to relinquish the stallion into their custody. To their amazement this took little persuasion and on August 1, 2005 they became the new owners of a thirteen year old emaciated chestnut stallion named Herbal Remedy for the sale price of one dollar.

After being evaluated by a veterinarian it was determined that Remedy was suffering from a severe infestation of internal parasites. He received intensive treatment and began an aggressive diet to bring him back from near starvation. In less than two months his progress was steady and he had gained enough weight to under go castration. Once healed from his castration surgery, Remedy was moved to “Healing Acres” where he thrived.

If not for the kind hearts of Chick Moorman and Carol Clark, and the dedicated work of the Healing Acres staff, Remedy’s future would have been bleak. After a few short months of loving care and healthy eating, it was hard to imagine that Remedy was the same emaciated stallion that had been left in that dark and filthy stall, slowly starving to death.

Remedy Today

Remedy, Chick Moorman and Carol Clark have all been an enormous inspiration here at Healing Acres. Chick and Carol dedicated their own time, money, sweat and tears to ensure that this animal would no longer have to suffer. They have never asked for anything in return, but received much pleasure as they watched this beautiful animal recover and thrive in his new environment.. Remedy showed an enormous will to live and appreciation for love and attention. His gentle spirit inspires us all to find ways to help horses live out their lives in dignity.

Today Remedy is a big, handsome, healthy guy that is full of life. He resides in Clio, MI where he was adopted by Plumm Crazy Ranch. He goes on trail rides occasionally and spends most of his time grazing lazily or eating from round bales.

“Big Red” as he is sometimes called, brings joy to all who know him. Remedy’s courage to survive his ordeal puts strength in us every time we see another horse in need. We are all grateful to Remedy for entering out lives and proving that there really is a pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow.


Cheater and Sammy 

These two handsome appaloosa geldings are our latest additions arriving together in January of 2007. Aged 24 and 22, both blind in one eye since birth and both having arrived with quite the resume. Having no hindrances from their visual impairments this father son duo are steady, trustworthy and reliable mounts having provided many dedicated years of service to the public.

Born and raised on a large ranch resort, Cheater and Sammy spent their lives participating in weekly rodeos, performing in opening ceremonies and roping calves, carefully carrying their passengers on peaceful trail rides and ponying small children. Cheater and Sammy’s faithful companionship and their years of devoted services could not be over looked. As they began showing signs of age, struggling among the large herd of which they lived in the, the ranch manager decided that is was time to find these guys a peaceful retreat where they could receive more one on one care receiving the TLC they will need to see them through their geriatric years.

Cheater and Sammy will remain with Healing Acres through the winter. They will receive dental care, vaccinations and will be placed on a diet to best suit their elderly needs. Their suitability for adoption will be accessed this coming spring so be sure to check back on their availability.


Sprintt was donated to Healing Acres by Mike Budd of Tri-Color Farm in 2004. The Budd’s were in search of a retirement home for this beautiful Arabian mare after serving her term out as a devoted broodmare. She has produced some outstanding foals such as TCF PALOOZAS Q by the multi national champion arabian park horse APOLLOPALOOZA. Sprintt is not broke to ride and can no longer be bred however, due to her good health and yet moderate age of nineteen we would consider her for adoption to an approved home as a companion horse/pasture pet. Our pastures have been graced by her presence and she has made a lovely addition to our retirement herd with her bright spirit and sweet disposition. If you are interested in Sprintt and would like additional information please contact Healing Acres.




Supreme Elke

Coming Soon!