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Seminar Description: Managing Children’s Behavior in Your Dental Practice

Do you have to deal with whining, crying, and resistant behavior from children in your dental practice? Is dental fear and anxiety in children preventing them from cooperating and making your job more difficult? Would you like it if your young patients were more attentive and followed directions better? Do you want to quickly and dramatically alter disruptive behavior in your young patients? If so then this seminar is for you.

At this session you will learn the strategies and techniques necessary to influence children’s behavior. You will learn how to increase cooperation and reduce power struggles while meeting your needs and keeping children’s dignity intact.

In the seminar you will receive:

  • 8 strategies for managing anxiety in children . . . to reduce uncertainty about what to do next.
  • 7 techniques for reducing power struggles . . .to get the results you want with uncooperative children in your office.
  • 6 verbal phrases that build connectedness with young patients . . . so you are perceived as friendly, warm, and trust worthy.
  • 5 must do changes to your office environment . . . to create comfort, interest, and relaxation in children.

In the seminar you will learn:

  • How to quickly and dramatically alter tantrum behavior . . . so that children are better able to listen and respond appropriately.
  • How to use Choice Theory . . . to reduce the intensity and frequency of child resistance, reluctance, and resentment.
  • What behaviors to expect at various child development levels . . . so you will be able to efficiently and professionally implement the strategy most likely produce change at each age level.
  • Specific signature phrases and language strategies that have a proven track record . . . to create a culture of trust while shaping behavior.
  • How to improve communication between you and the children you are treating . . . to foster an environment where children become less resistant and more willing to cooperate.

In this seminar, Thomas Haller and Chick Moorman will provide:

  • Inspirational sayings and uplifting anecdotes . . . humor and inspiration to keep you energized in your role as a dental practitioner.
  • References to new products on the market . . . enabling you to stay current in your approach to child behavior management.
  • A list of upcoming workshops and telephone seminars . . . to give you opportunities for skill based training in child behavior management.
  • Monthly E-zine that comes directly to you via e-mail . . . you don’t need to do anything but read it.

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