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Winning the Candy Wars

Candy is everywhere and its presence wreaking havoc on our children’s teeth and waist lines. Children are visiting the dentist with serious tooth decay at younger and younger ages every year. Obesity in children is a national concern.

With candy being universally available and regularly within sight of children, what is a parent to do? How do you combat its influence on your children? How do you lessen the influence of advertisers and get candy consumption under control in your family? How can you win the candy wars?

Read this article to find out.

Ages and Stages

To increase your effectiveness at managing disruptive behaviors in young patients, a thorough understanding of children’s needs and motivations is necessary. When you bring an understanding of normal childhood development to your work with children, you will be more likely to have them behave in ways that help you complete the job before you without disruption or complication.

Read this article to become familiar with behavioral variations in children at different developmental stages.

The 15 Worst Things to Say to your Young Patients

This article will help you avoid words and phrases that will lower trust, increase power struggles, and create resistance in your young patients. Use it to keep from falling into the verbal traps that will make your job more difficult and time-consuming.

Read this article to learn how.