Your Child and the Dentist.

Your Child and the Dentist: How to Give Your Child a Successful Dental Experience

By Thomas Haller and Chick Moorman
Paperback, 4 pages - Set of 50 ($24.97) [Add to cart] or Set of 100 ($44.97) [Add to cart]

This special report is designed for you to distribute to parents to help them prepare their children to have positive, informative, and healthy dental visits throughout their lifetime. It is a compilation of practical ideas and tips for beginning dental education with children early, preparing children for their first dental visit and helping patents become a part of the dental team. The report includes specific directions to parents as to what to say or what not to say and what to do when accompanying their children to the dentist. Your dental offices can distribute this report to all parents with your office address and contact information located on the back page.