Dental Talk
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Dental Talk: How to Manage Children’s Behavior with Effective Verbal Skills

by Thomas Haller and Chick Moorman
Hardback book, 116 pages ($24.95)

Dental Talk is an indispensable collection of communications skills for building an atmosphere of trust and cooperation with your young patients.

In this book, you will gain Dental Talk strategies to help you encourage children to become more relaxed, cooperative and supportive of the work you need to do. This book will teach a style of language and a system of communication that will create less stress, cut down on negative behaviors from your young patients, and enable you to accomplish your dental task with a minimum of hassles, frustrations, and power struggles.

Dental Talk has been designed to help you increase the number of verbal tools you have available in your communication tool kit. You will find a variety of verbal skills and language patterns that can strengthen your relationship with young patients and enable you to simultaneously administer to their teeth and to their spirit. It will help you meet your needs as well as theirs.

This book will help everyone in your office improve their relationships with children. You will want to keep it close at hand for frequent use.