by Thomas Haller and Chick Moorman

The 10 Commitments.

Hardcover, 200 page book. ($24.95)
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"I am thrilled that they [Chick and Thomas] have taken the time to develop and test out these ideas with parents and teachers all across the country, teach them in their seminars and workshops, and now present them in this book. "

Jack Canfield
Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul® and Chicken Soup for the Teacher’s Soul®;
Author of Effortless Success and Jack Canfield’s Keys to Living the Law of Attraction
Santa Barbara, CA

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Teaching the Attraction Principle to Children

Millions of people are currently using the Attraction Principle™ to produce the ideal mate, create a meaningful job, build wealth, and attract health for themselves. Few are purposefully teaching the valuable concept to their children. This phenomenon occurs not because parents and teachers do not want to teach the Attraction Principle to children. It occurs because they do not know how.

What if a single principle could dramatically change your parenting or teaching life? What if you knew how to intentionally use that principle with your family or in your classroom for the benefit of everyone concerned? What if this book contained information that would help you implement that principle in your own life as well as teach it to your children?

That is the intention and purpose of Thomas Haller and Chick Moorman’s Teaching THE ATTRACTION PRINCIPLE to Children. Two of the world’s foremost authorities on raising children combine their talents to help you manifest the parenting or teaching life you desire. The simple and practical ideas presented here are designed to help you teach the most important people in your lives (your children and students) the transformational power of the Attraction Principle.

The keys to helping children understand and apply the Attraction Principle are in this powerful new book. It will guide you in helping them to use these transformational concepts to live their best lives and manifest a better world.

Using the combined power of the Attraction Principle, your strong desire, and this book as your guide, you can channel the energies of the universe to create what you desire for yourself and for your children.

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