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Verbally Transmitted Disease Quiz

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The Abracadabra Effect

The 13 Verbally Transmitted Diseases and How to Cure Them


The Verbally Transmitted Dis-ease Language Quiz

By Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller

Are you a carrier and a spreader of verbally transmitted diseases? Not sure? You can find out here with the Verbally Transmitted Language Quiz.

Many people are unaware of how they infect the important people in their lives with the dis-eases of anxiety, fear, frustration, anger, annoyance, stress, irritation, jealousy, envy and the like. They have no idea how they contribute to the lack of responsibility, personal power and self-discipline that permeates our world today. Are you unconscious of the dis-eases that you carry and pass on through your language patterns? You can find out here with the Verbally Transmitted Language Quiz.

Are you willing to accept a challenge? Take the Verbally Transmitted Language Quiz which follows. When you finish and receive your score, continue to scroll down through your responses to the questions and there you will find our rationale for the answers.




How did you do? Add them up and see how many you agree with. We feel tempted to create a scale here. Something likeā€¦

0-5 correct Really, really dis-eased
6-10 correct
Pretty sick with a possibility of getting well

We’re not going to do that. We won’t do it because we refuse to judge your score. We leave that to you. You are the only one that can decide how many correct answers you require to have positive feelings about your score. You are the only one that can decide what that score means for you. Perhaps you disagreed with us on 20 out of 25 and you like that. That is one of your options. You don’t need our approval anyway.

We will make a scale though, one that is filled with our thoughts and beliefs along with our recommendation.

0-5 correct
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6-10 correct
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11-15 correct
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16-20 correct
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21-25 correct
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