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Verbally Transmitted Disease Quiz

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The Abracadabra Effect

The 13 Verbally Transmitted Diseases and How to Cure Them


Questions & Answers


Question 1

All my colleagues at work whine and complain frequently. The lunch room is a hotbed of negativity. The halls are full of criticism and doubt. How do I handle that?

Answer 1

First, spend less time in the lunchroom and halls. Those are infected areas, ripe with dis-ease. Steer clear of them.

Second, see this negativity as their choice to be at dis-ease. It is not about you. Get real clear about what you want and how you desire to use words to empower yourself. Be mind-full of not allowing their words and tone to affect you. Only you controls your mood.

Third, choose not to join in. Re-mind yourself about that intention before you enter infected areas.

Fourth, steer clear of judgment. Practice noticing without judging. Use these situations as opportunities to practice keeping yourself out of the judgment trap.

Question 2

I catch myself worrying a lot. I think “What if this happens?” or “What if that happens?” The worrying is driving me crazy. Help.

Answer 2

Own it. Think of it this way: the worry is not driving you crazy. You are driving yourself crazy with worry. The more you own it the more likely you are to end it.

Congratulations on catching the worry. Awareness is a prerequisite to change. If you stay unconscious, change is unlikely. Continue to notice those times when you say “What if…..?”

When you catch yourself saying, “What if it rains?” or any other what if, stop. Say, “What if it doesn’t rain?” Use that as a signal to refocus on the present. What is it doing right now and what are you going to do about it?