The  10 Commitments
By Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller


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"Parents who allow children to make messes and hold them accountable for cleaning up extend opportunities that exceed those given to children who are required to be consistently neat, clean, and quiet."

"Holding children accountable for their actions is one on the most loving things you can do as a parent."

"Children are not their behavior. They are not their anger. They are not their report card. They are not their table manners. Their behavior is simply their behavior-what they are choosing to do in the present moment. It is not who or what they are as a human being."

"While as parents we are called upon to make thousands of management decisions daily, most of us fail to make conscious and purposeful decisions in the one area that could have the greatest influence on our children. We neglect to manage our own minds."

"Many children have learned to deny, disown, and discount problems, sweeping them under the rug and pretending they don't exist. What these children need is a model of an adult who is committed to searching for solutions when problems arise."

"Solution seeking takes time. Yes, it is quicker simply to tell your children what to do. Yes, it is easier to come up with a solution yourself and require that it be implemented. Clearly, it is more efficient to do it yourself. But efficient does not always equate with effective."

"When you teach children to speak and think self-responsibly, you increase the odds that they will act self-responsibly."

"When you behave with integrity, you say what you are going to do and then do what you say. When your actions support your words, other people, including your children, learn that what you say you mean-that your word can be trusted."

"The goal is not to have your children do it your way or to think solely the way you think. The goal is to help them learn to think for themselves, to respond out of their own desires, to make choices based on their own internal thoughts and feelings."

"Trusting inner authority is not like a light bulb that parents can turn on when their child becomes thirteen. It doesn't work that way. An inner authority brightens slowly over time and grows brighter with regular use. If the inner voice is discouraged or lies dormant, it dims and grows weaker, depriving children of an important source of knowledge."

"What if your life IS the message? What if how you choose to live your life is the central learning that your children have come to earth to discover?"

"Be the change you wish to see in your children. Change yourself first and notice how often your child responds appropriately."

"When the parent is ready, the child appears. Assume the attitude that if a challenging child enters your life, it is no accident or random quirk of fate. He or she is there for a reason. Either you already have the skills to interact with and guide this child or you are ready to acquire them."

"Children intuitively know what they need to learn. They naturally involve themselves in activities and choose behaviors that help them learn and grow."

"By placing your family first, you teach your children that people are more important than things. As each family member has the opportunity to feel connected through the support, encouragement, and understanding of others in the family, he or she begins to realize that people are valued over objects and rigid rules."

"Creating a feeling of belonging and oneness in your family is possible, and it doesn't just happen-not by luck, coincidence, or happenstance. Togetherness occurs in families when the adults in that family work with intentionality to create it."

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